SOAS 2023 Training Workshops for Counsel in Arbitration with Particular focus on African countries, Nairobi, 19-21 September 2023

The SOAS University of London has undertaken a series of skills-based training comprised of practical workshops co-organised with African arbitral centres and organisations, and with experienced African (and non-African) practitioners in arbitration. This September, the Nairobi Centre for International Arbitration (NCIA) has partnered with SOAS University of London to provide this skills and capacity enhancement training for Counsel in Arbitration.This is an excellent opportunity for participating Counsel to enhance their oral and written advocacy skills of counsel appearing before arbitral tribunals with greater efficiency of arbitral proceedings and enhance their international standing.

The training will offer participants ample exposure to;

Case theory and strategy;
Ethics and expectations of the arbitral tribunal;
Witness examination and cross examination;
Role of expert witnesses in arbitration and valuation
Meeting with the Tribunal members for each cohort.


In-person 3-day intensive sessions: The hearing will run over three (3) days in person in NAIROBI, KENYA on 19th – 21st September 2023. The Tribunal members will have a presiding arbitrator who will manage the proceedings.

Day 1
The Tribunal will hold a preliminary meeting with the participants; participants will prepare (before lunch) and after lunch make opening submissions following which the tribunal will give them feedback. Participants will prepare the expert witnesses.
Participants will prepare the fact witnesses and examine and cross examine them in the morning before lunch and after lunch will examine and cross examine the expert witnesses and will receive feedback from the tribunal.
Participants will prepare and make their closing submissions and receive feedback from the tribunal before lunch, and after lunch will give us their oral feedback; and close.
This training brings together a stellar list of practitioners/trainers in international arbitration with a wealth of experience and commitment to contribute to the growth of the practice. It is also tailor made to simulate real-life experience in the tribunal room with simulation-based case presentations by the participants with invaluable trainer feedback.
Prior to the in-person sessions participants will receive the case study and accompanying materials. A week prior to the sessions the cohorts will participate in virtual meetings with their respective trainers (simulation of a procedural meeting).

Pre-Training Program

13 September 2023: 3-5PM (UK Time)
5-7PM East Africa Time
Case theory and strategy; witness examination and role of counsel in international arbitration.
14 September 2023: 3-5PM (UK time)
5-7PM East Africa Time
Role of expert witnesses in arbitration and valuation.