NAW Conference Registration & Payment

The Government through circular CAB/ADM/2A/6VOL V/(122) dated 4th August, 2023, directed that all Government services must be digitized and payment programme designated to Pay Bill 222222 as the single government payment platform and e-Citizen as the digital payment platform. Nairobi Centre for International Arbitration has been cooperative with this government directive having successfully on-boarded the following eight (8) services on e-Citizen through the Single Sign-on Integration. The on-boarded services are;

  • Application and Registration to the Arbitration Panel
  • Application and Registration to the Mediation Panel
  • Application for Training
  • Application for Exemption
  • Application to be Empanelled as a Trainer
  • Annual Subscription to the Arbitration/Mediation Panel
  • Booking of Hearing Rooms
  • Conference Attendance
  • Pursuant to the Government directive, please be informed that #NAW2025 Conference Registration and Payment will be ONLY through the e-Citizen platform.