Domestic Arbitration International Arbitration Emergency Arbitration Domestic Arbitration  
Dispute Amount (KES) KES 1/=
Administrative Fee (1.5% of arbitrator’s fee) KES 375/=
Registration Fee Maximum: KES 10,000/=
Arbitrator Fee* KES 25,000
  • The rate of arbitrator’s fee indicated here is the rate payable to one arbitrator.
  • Hourly rate to be advised by the Centre with a maximum of KES 25,000 per Hour.

* The calculator has been based on the maximum payable fee per hour (KES 25,000/=). This amount could vary based on the amount determined at the appointment of an arbitration

International Arbitration
Dispute Amount (USD) USD 0
Administrative Fee USD 0
Arbitrator’s Fee USD 0
Note: The amount of arbitrator’s fee indicated above is the rate payable to one arbitrator.
Emergency Arbitration
Emergency Arbitrator’s Fee

International Arbitration USD 10,000

Domestic Arbitration KES 200,000

Administrative Costs

International Arbitration USD 1,000

Domestic Arbitration KES 10,000